Mihai Dolganiuc

Logo Design, Identities and Branding.

Research, Discovery, Analysis and Understanding the core of the problem that is to be solved, followed by finding a unique design solution that will make a change and be of use.

Everybody has a mission, some want to make millions, some think of setting new trends, some to create pretty images, and you can’t really blame them.

My mission — create something meaningful and useful, something that is an answer to a question, something that closes the gap between that doubt and the decision do get started with things.

My philosophy is simple — Be of help for people.


10. Loves the Mountain side, finds inner peace there

09. Loves helping people and to pass on knowledge

08. Not really into the seaside and sunbathing

07. Loves biking, swimming and reading

06. Used to practice Body-Building

05. Has a Strong Sense of Humour

04. Is not a big fan of Mushrooms

03. Weapon of choice—Sarcasm

02. Is a Engineering Graduate

01. Has copywriting skills