Alexander Lux Interiors


16 August 2017

Project Info
Company that provides exclusive interior design services, they we’re looking for a logo that would represent their brand, look amazing and be as memorable as can be.
Based on the client’s request I had to create 3 logo concepts that would revolve around the idea of luxury, uniqueness and high-end designed modern houses. After disscusing the possible options, we agreed on :
  • A symbol made out of a letter or maybe the initials of the business
  • An abstract symbol, as per client’s reference
  • A relevant symbol, that would be customized in a unique way
After having a pretty clear idea about what the task is, I began researching and sketching possible ideas that would somehow incorporate the motives of luxury, modern and minimalism.
Initial exploration and progress
After a couple of hours of sketching, and having lots of well defined ideas in my head
I started digitizing them, process went really smooth with no major issues, thus leading to
these 3 concepts that I presented to the client.
Client was extremely happy with all 3 concepts and had to take some time
to think about which one to choose, finally Option #3 was the one that made it.