01 July 2018

Project Info

Logo for Software Development company, that builds websites, CRM’s and handles databases,

Client initially mentioned he would like it’s company to be represented by a rocket that stands for the philosophy of the whole team, which is to help other companies / persons launch their business / startup.

Having that in mind I started researching and drawing and quickly came to the idea of incorporationg the Letter A into the rocket, we worked on a couple of options but in the end this one was the one that made it.

Along with the mark I also built a custom clean wordmark that is memorable and can work without the icon, because the first letter “A” is the same as in the logo.

Initial sketches based on the rocket motif   Rough vectoring the ideas and main concepts   After some time spent on the initial concept I realized it’s to much leaning towards a illustration, which is not what I initially had in mind. I then continued working on another concept   This is what turned out, and one of the two options I have sent to the client   And then I got into the second concept, with a more minimalistic, clean and line approach   After some feedback exchange with the client, I ended up with this option, which he immediately loved   Logo + Wordmark (customized with the Rocket body element so it blends better with the logo)   And finally here are some logo applications that were part of the presentation