08 September 2018

Project Info

I had the opportunity to work on the identity for Artcor which is a creative hub in my local country, and is to be launched soon, this is my entry for the contest, I developed a logo that is flexible and can change shape accordingly to the grid is built after,

Check out bellow the full case study where I describe the motif behind the logo and show how the identity was spreaded and works on all kind of materials.

The main idea behind the whole project is represented by the motif of light,
which is known as the fundamental law of creation, signifing genesis and initiation,
from this point, “the light” has developed into “the spotlight” which is the main
element used in the logo and throughout the whole identity collaterals.

Final sketch and Wireframe

Dynamic system

Main Logo (Vertical Version)

Main Logo (Horizontal Version)

Close up for grid