13 January 2019

Project Info

Circles is an app that helps users share credit or debit cards amongst each other in their trusted group of “Circles” so they do not miss any good deals or discounts in case they do not own a specific card

The initial thoughts of the clients were to create a mark that would somehow translate the idea of connection, closed group of friends who are willing to share between them cards.

Here are some of my initial sketches I explored. From the first round of sketches we decided to move on with 02. / 08. and to explore some more possible shapes for 06.

Here are some explorations for concept 06

And here are some more ideas I explored in the 3-rd Round of sketches. Me and the client both liked 14. from the concepts so we decided to go with that for the third concept to be presented. 

Here are all of the logo explorations before choosing the best options to present.

Presented Option No.1

Based on the idea of  connection and merging together.

Presented Option No.2

Again based on the motif of a continuous looped path made out of circles that also ressembles a Letter C from the name itself.

Presented Option No.3

This is actually the final option that we ended up with after lots and lots of revisions to an idea based on the .14 sketch from Round 3.

We ended up going with this option as the winner as it best represented the idea of a closed group of friends that can share cards amongst them.

Logo Animation made by Alex Gorbunov

Logo guidelines usage, colors, brand pattern and typography.


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