09 July 2020

Project Info

Cube, Low-Code Agency based in Paris, France that simplifies the digital agency experience for start-ups.

Specialised on Low-Code technology, they bring fast and easily Web and Mobile apps to life.

Based on the name, brief and initial client suggestions, there were made multiple explorations in terms of concept and direction that were later presented to the client. Bellow you can see some of them.

logo design sketches pencil directions

Approved final Logo + Type

Approved final Logo + Type (Solid Color Version for Print Use)

Cube logo design solid white
Cube logo primary gradient
Cube logo secondary solid white
Cube logo secondary solid black
Cube logo design grid and guides

Cube Brand Pattern

Cube logo pattern brand identity line monochrome
Cube logo pattern brand identity line gradient colored

Brand Pattern in Use

Cube logo brand identity post
Cube website logo brand identity
Cube cap logo brand identity
Cube t-shirt logo brand identity
Cube notebook logo dolganiuc design

Cube Team 

Photo Credit – Welcome to the Jungle

cube team photo office
cube team photo office members
cube team photo office member