Overseas AG Girl


09 May 2018

Project Info

Logo design process and case study for a personal blog that tells the story of a woman — Kelsey Walters, who has moved from the U.S.A and lives in a Eastern European country (Moldova). Content includes everything related to habbits, local traditions, business approaches, facing everyday challenges in a post soviet society.

I was approached on Facebook by Kelsey in April 2018, because she was in need of a logo for her personal blog.
We agreed to meet over a cup of coffee where we disscused details about her vision which was very clear.
After our chat I already knew what I have to do. I asked for some more reference photos that would
serve as a start for the logo’s anatomy.

I immediately liked this photo, because it is very imposing and has that iconic feel to it, also the fact
that she is looking away instead of straight into the camera made it the perfect fit, my gut feeling
did not let me down on this.

Above you can see the photo I liked most, and on the left is a low fidelity copy of it, that served
as model for my tracing in Illustrator. I had also put up a moodboard made out of mostly face
logos that have a iconic look to them and look clean.

Having this directions in mind, I then started with the logo itself, but as I was working on it
I wasn’t quite happy with the outcome even though I trust and know my process very well.

I knew that something was definetely wrong, but had no idea how to fix this, the major problem is that
I started with the wrong foot, because of not having a good base for my initial sketch, so I had to
figure out something, and I did.

I asked a friend of mine to help me out with a sketch, he had it in roughly 30 minutes, and it was like a
God send for me, because it has helped me a lot in the versions of the logo that were to come.
Note to self “Learn how to sketch better”.

I immediately started with the new sketch and from that point everything went smoothly, when I had
something worthy to show, I scheduled a meeting with the client and throughout 2-3 one hour sessions
of working together we managed to achieve a common point.

It was an extremely productive collaboration where I recieved clear an concise feedback
that would help me a lot with the outcome of the design.

The sketch and the final logo in black and white after the finishing touches

This would be the logo after the color and type treatment. We went with earth tones that were subtle
and not very vibrant, to emphasize more on the agriculture theme. Typography wise as per client’s
request we went with a “crafty look” for the Brand name, then paired it with a sans serif clean type
for the slogan. Client was really happy, so was I.

Some logo variations for dark backgrounds