13 May 2020

Project Info

Security Device meant to be placed for example in Parking Areas with intelligent sensors for motion and license plate detection. The software and hardware is developed by a Romanian Company.

In our initial call with the client where we discussed direction and where do we want to take this brand with the help of the identity. Given the fact that the name is a bit challenging and can raise some eyebrows at first sight, we wanted to develop a logo / identity that would somehow diffuse all of the seriousness that comes with the name, and instead position it as a reliable, trustfully and protective device. 

In Romanian “Securist” stands for the former agents of the Secret Service, and back in the days the name itself was something that people would associate with fear and carefulness.

Our goal was to change that, and the client’s vision was that an easy way to convey warmth, security and protectiveness was by using a home as a symbol or something along those lines.

The direction was crystal clear for me, I began sketching ideas and presented these options in the first round.

Some of them are related to the house motif, while some are based on the letter S with elements such as home, arrows (in and out). 

In the second round we decided to explore some more the home symbol.

And here are the initial logo explorations for various directions.

Final outcomes for some of the directions I explored.

Approved concept based on the idea of Home / Path / Raised Barrier. 
Based on a Pantone Orange colors to give it that warm feeling that would then 
set the tone of voice for the whole identity.

And here is the actual brand identity I have developed based on the logo, it’s bold colors and strong typography.

An important part of the identity is the SecureIst Brand Pattern