01 May 2019

Project Info

Company from the Netherlands that develops software, design, development, deployment and hosting of the products they build.

The initial thought and requirement from the client was to develop a mark that would be
memorable, clean and as simple as it can be so it translates the company culture and ideals.

The future logo had to be based on the coding symbols </> and had to evoke a friendly message.

After a careful study of the questionnaire, research and discussions, these are the sketches I used in
order to set the direction for the logo

All of the logo explorations before narrowing down to the best options

Presented Option No.1

Presented Option No.2

Presented Option No.3


Option No.3 was the chosen one, after both the designer and the client
agreed it represents very well the company’s vision and aligns with the 
initial goal that has been set when discussing project details.

Some color explorations before deciding on the final gradient

Logo guidelines usage, colors and typography


Softwhere logo plywood cut